Usually I write my applications in JavaScript, Python and sometimes PHP. Here are a few of my side projects:

Finn's Zahlenabenteuer

Currently I'm working on a small educational game for an university assignment. Target audience are preschoolers that shall learn how to deal with the basic range of numbers 1-10. Technically the game is realized in javascript and runs on GitHub Pages without any backend services.


Just a little python-based command line interface for the awesome tinypng service.

Numeral System Converter

For a university assignment I needed to convert a lot of hexadecimal numbers to the decimal system and vice versa. There are already several tools available online but all of them required a time-consuming HTTP request to calculate the result. I wanted to do it quicker and wrote this simple client side application with calculation on every single key press.

PHP Identicon

Another thing I inevitably used and wanted to recreate are the Github Identicons. The result is a PHP script that takes an integer value as HTTP GET parameter and returns a PNG image similar to the ones from Github.

Powerline Game JS

I used to play the original Android game a lot and wondered how this was implemented. So I simply tried by myself and implemented it in JavaScript.
In particular I concentrated on the following aspects:

  • How can I store the levels efficiently?
  • How can I render the tiles without images?
  • How can I determine if all tiles are powered?

SMD Bamberg Hochschultage 2014 Website

A fully responsive website for the Hochschultage event by SMD Bamberg in June 2014. The design was initially made for a flyer and then restructured for the website.

Lecture Evaluation

This application is the result of a university assignment in 2012. We had to implement a web application where students could anonymously evaluate lectures. The login worked via matriculation number and one-time passwords.
Basis for the application is a PHP framework I wrote myself a few years earlier. It's uses the Model-View-Controller pattern and allows easy web development similar to Django or Flask (both Python Frameworks).

SMD Bamberg Hochschultage 2012 Website

A website based on a professional flyer design for the Hochschultage event 2012 by SMD Bamberg.